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Mawlana Yahya Nomani’s Madrasah Appeal 2

Darul Uloom As-Suffah

We are desperately seeking funds for the Madrasah/Masjid projects in Lucknow and the surrounding areas.

Construction of new buildings for educating and housing our students has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic, impacting our financial position and threatening the completion of construction.

Locally, the situation is dire: there is a lack of food amongst the poor, labourers are unable to work, yet support for them as well as the teachers and imams of the Madrasahs is a high priority.

Darul Uloom at a glance

Education, stable jobs and income for people in Lucknow and surrounding villages, and housing for poor students.
  • Situated 50 km from lucknow.
  • Along with boarding and food, the Institute provides a stipend of Rs. 1,500 per month to each student.
  • English language, economics and political science, introductory study of Hinduism, Christianity and Judaism.


students from poor villages.


in boarding accommodation


Graduates per year.

Madrasah As-Suffah

  • Construction still in progress.
  • 101 students provided with hostel accommodation.
  • The quality Islamic studies up to Alimiyat along with modern education up to higher secondary, Hifz, and Naazra.
  • Students of Alimiyat will be prepared to appear in the government higher secondary exam.


students provided with hostel accommodation.


students attending.


Masjids currently in rural villages.