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With temperatures dropping to a record low some time in the most areas of the world. During winter season, The rural areas remain under the grip of extreme cold weather specially in the night time. The severity of cold weather doesn’t mercy upon the people living in Urban areas as well as the average temperature drops down to an average of 10-12 degrees during winter season. Due to such a severe weather life of thousands of poor and deserving people go on stake as the can’t afford warm clothing and other essentials like quilts and blankets.

Hence, WellbeingCare with its vision to serve the humanity with integrity ensures the provision of winter supplies to the poor and needy families all around the world. Winter package includes blankets, quilts, sweaters and other winter wears that help these reversing families to avoid the severity of extremely cold weather.

You can also give a peaceful and comfortable winter to a deserving family. Donate and help us ensure the comfort of poor people during winter.