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Who is the Wellbeing Care Foundation? 

Established in 2017, the Wellbeing Care Foundation's mission is to give back to the community, and to target its accumulated funding to people in greatest need. It strives to help empower people by giving them access to basic education, responding to disasters, and fighting poverty.

Who is eligible for help?

In order to efficiently allocate our acquired resources and funding, we try to evaluate our recipients based on who needs it the most. These are some categories who are eligible to be recipients of the Wellbeing Care Foundation funding: 

  1. The poor and needy
  2. Administrators of Zakat
  3. Refugees and those who have been enslaved
  4. Those in debt
  5. Those greatly affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic 


What is the definition of the poor and needy?  

The World Bank's official definition states: "A person is considered poor if his or her income level fall below some minimum level necessary to meet basic needs.” It sets this minimum level, or international poverty line, as living on less than £1.47 a day.

Do you give your funds to UK residents only? 

The Wellbeing Care Foundation team is conscious of the reality that poverty exists beyond the UK--it's present in all countries, and the lives of poor people are difficult no matter where they live. Hence, we try to allocate our funding to anyone, regardless of their nationality, as long as they qualify the set conditions.

How much can I donate? 

No matter what amount you can donate, we welcome it here. Every single penny counts in helping lives.  


How can I donate? 

To donate, please feel click on our Donate Link